Oil Changes Near Buffalo, NY

Oil Changes Near Buffalo, NY

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Preventative Maintenance Tips from Northtown Toyota

The quality of your engine's performance relies on the quality of your engine oil. It's that simple! Getting your oil changed may seem like a routine endeavor - which it is - but neglecting to do so can cause permanent damage to your vehicle in Buffalo. If you're in the market for an oil change, you owe it to yourself to contact the service experts at Northtown Toyota here in Amherst, NY. We deliver fast, efficient, and high-quality oil changes at the most affordable prices in the area.

Benefits of Routine Oil Changes

Although changing your motor oil is a relatively easy job, its importance weighs more on the frequency in which you get it changed. For drivers in Niagara Falls who commute to the office every day, they will ultimately put more mileage on their car than someone who works from home and doesn't need to drive to get around. A good rule of thumb is to recognize that the more you drive, the more frequently you need to get your oil changed. But what makes it so important?

Here at Northtown Toyota, our dedicated service experts urge the importance of scheduling routine oil changes every 5,000 miles to keep your engine running smoothly. Additional benefits include:

  • Keeping the engine clean
  • Delivering increased fuel efficiency
  • Lubricating the inner-workings of your engine
  • And more!

An Overview of the Oil Change Process

To help give you a better idea of the actual process, our service team at Northtown Toyota breaks down every oil change job into three easy steps - draining the old fluid, replacing the oil filter, and then replenishing the system with new fluid. It's a simple process to understand and is helpful for you to know to determine when and if your vehicle is due for an oil change in North Tonawanda.

1. Draining the Old Oil

To get started, our techs will safely lift your vehicle to access the oil drain pan. On the outside of the pan, there's usually a small bolt that, when removed, will drain out all of the old motor oil. With your car safely suspended, our team will drain out all the old oil and cap the pan after the last drops of motor oil escape the reservoir.

2. Replacing the Oil Filter

Located near the oil pan, the oil filter is usually nestled somewhere hidden beneath the engine. After draining the old fluid, our team will remove and replace your old oil filter with a new OEM filter. Before reinstalling, we'll apply a light coating of new oil into and along the outside ledge of the filter to help prime it before starting the engine.

3. Replenishing with New Oil

After safely lowering your vehicle back to the ground, our team will pop the hood and replenish your engine with fresh motor oil using a funnel. We'll refill your engine using the correct fluid and ensure the tank is topped off before starting the car and checking the oil level a few times.

Why Service at Northtown Toyota?

Northtown Toyota is one of the leading oil change facilities near Amherst, NY, because our service team truly cares about the lifespan of your vehicle. We go above and beyond to help monitor and take care of your damaged vehicle when you need it most. Backed by our friendly and professional staff team, Northtown Toyota strives to deliver routine and emergency oil change services for all Toyota models, including the popular Toyota Camry, Corolla, and RAV4.

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