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Value Your Trade at Northtown Toyota

If you can't afford to pay full price for a brand new vehicle, here's an option that might help you save some money.  When you value your trade at Northtown Toyota, it gives you the chance to get money back for your old car.  Even if your previous vehicle is bruised and battered, our sales team will appraise your vehicle for what it's worth and pay you for it.  It's really that simple!

Get Full Value Using Kelley Blue Book

KBB's Trade-in Value Report lets our analysts take an inside look at the condition of your vehicle in Buffalo, NY.  It's a simple and stress-free process that starts with you telling us a bit about the history of your vehicle.  To ensure you get the maximum value for your trade-in, it's important that you give us all of the juicy details.  This includes any aftermarket part upgrades, service issues, and accident reports.  Being thorough during this step will help increase your chances of getting full value for our old car.

What Happens Next?

After a few business days, our Northtown Toyota team will follow up with your personalized trade-in report and extend you an offer.  We pay our valued customers in Niagara Falls in two different ways:  cash or credit.  Choosing cash is a viable option that puts money directly into your pockets, but what about putting that cash directly towards purchasing a new vehicle?  Opting for credit gets you more for your money and allows you to shop our new inventory with a clearer sense of what your budget can support.

Shop Online from North Tonawanda

Just because your old vehicle is worn out and decrepit doesn't mean it isn't worth anything.  In fact, we challenge all drivers in Tonawanda to try and get the full value of your old ride to help free up space in your driveway for something new.  Start by filling out the Kelley Blue Book trade-in report online and then wait to be contacted by our Northtown Toyota team.  For more information, please call or contact us online today!